This was a surprise that a friend on My Space made for me

Fantasy Art and Face/Body Painting by Christine Von Lossberg

A big, big thank you to Ashatur from Germany for creating this for my birthday as a surprise when I was on My Space.  It made me so happy, this was the first thing ever put on about me on you tube.  He selected the pictures that he wanted and created this. There are pictures from 83 of the "Farians" that I created that are only 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches big. They can be seen on here too. So please enjoy this It even still has the song I had put on there and he added one of his.  I am so so grateful for this.  Enjoy and thank you for watching it.  Lots' of ET's and I think that is why he was so attracted to my visions of them. He is one too I think!