I started making my She Shells in 1988.  I was at my friends house in Topanga Canyon, California and there I saw a little shell with a white spot on it. So I made my first She Shell in that little spot.  Since then,  I have made at least a thousand of them if not more. I sat at Venice Beach and made them and sold them to tourists, I made them in Maui, I made them in Germany, Holland, just everywhere I have gone.  They are of course each an original work of art depicting goddess love though pretty girls, mermaids, fairies and angels. They come with a  little stand.  I create them on different shells, but the ones that I have done the most are the red flat shells.  I am including a few pictures of a few other's I have made.  I create them in color or in black and white. I  charge $20.00 for the Black and White and  $25.00 for the color.  Extra fancy ones with feathers and crystals added are $27.00  If you want me to make a special one just for you or if you want me to make them for presents to give to your loved ones you can email me and tell me what you want and I will create it for you!  Just put She Shell on the email!  A perfect little original treasure! 



 Here are a few different kinds of "She Shells"

Pismo Beach Clam Shell  Rare
Colored One with foo foo 
Tumbled by the sea 

These are pretty , something similar  $25.00

 Something Like this for $20.00

 These are very rare..tumbled by the ocean for years to get like this..hard to find! 

These are rare too The Pismo Beach Clam..almost  all gone now. Someone gave me a old jar of them.