By: Christine Von Lossberg  (c) 2017

     This is a story about the rarest cats in the world. The young female, Sharenda didn't understand that, she just thought that she was a regular cat and that all cats must be like her and her family. They all felt that way for they had only known each other.  

   Her family came from a place far, far, away, somewhere near Tibet.  The were of an ancient, royal lineage.  Sharenda's grandmother, Teva wore a diamond collar and her grandfather Chantu wore sapphire one.   She wore pearls with amethysts and her brother wore blue lapis. Here mother and father wore rubies and emeralds. They were use to such lavish things, for there more than royalty, they were "The Other Cat's" 

  Their fur was very long and bunny soft.  They were the only lavender cats anyone had ever seen, except for the royal household.  They had brilliant turquoise eyes with black eyeliner and soft pink ears.  They were indeed, exquisite and truly  the rarest breed.

    One day, without warning, Sharenda was sold with her parents and little brother. Her grandparent's were to remain at the palace with the kind and gentle King and Queen.

   Now, they lived in a place called America.  They had been purchased by a very wealthy man who lived in a huge mansion on a lovely green countryside that spilled over into giant