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 Face/Body Painting Appointment

I have been doing face painting for about 25 years all around the world. It is so much fun painting the kids and adults too. I do fairy parties,  and any and all events that you may have, from birthday parties to bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events. Also, I am doing family night..Get Mom and Dad in on the fun! I live in  Lancaster, California and I will go to Los Angeles or anywhere if you pay for the ticket and lodging!   I use non toxic paint by Snazaroo and Kryolon Irridicents.  Totally washable and safe.   I can also do full face monsters and all kinds of wonderful full face  and body creations. The one's in the you tube were mostly under five minutes to create.  I also do mommy to be tummies and body painting for adults, something we can discuss and find your special fantasy body painting.   I am available to do any advertising, model shoots and corporate events.  I love to do this and am very good with children!  Grown ups too!  So be BOLD and have something done, what a fun thing to have as a treasured memory!  I can create what you want or let me just go for it and do something totally original!  

Includes photographs of course! Also..
a slide show for your guests and they can get their pictures in photobucket too!  




Christine The Face Painter 

 This is the first you tube I ever made!   Face Painting Fun by Christine Von Lossberg 
Most of these were 5 min. or less, creating two more you tubes with altered face painting...very exciting!


 This is my daughter Andria I got her!!




  I also do Model Shoots, I Can Create Anything You Want!

Also Abstract Face Painting       Model Lizzy Tucker


  A little Angel who lived next door when I lived in the Forest

  Beautiful Little Girl Who Played Model One Day. She is holding a She Shell wand I made.


Found this Little Girl in the Forest having a birthday party..I couldn't resist creating a face painting dress up party for her on the spot!

 Me when I turned 50 and did a art show in Hamburg and painted my own arm!  There was a photographer there!


Ready to paint the kids at Halloween in the forest