I decided to make a list of all the many jobs I have had in order to be an artist and also all the things I can do, It was really a trip down memory lane. I had to really remember all the places and things I can do!  So here goes, if you want to read it all!

Convalesant hospital nurses aide in Huntington Beach. I had 23 patients on my own at 19 my first job. Did vitals, changed bandages because they were lieing there with bedsores, fed them, bathed and massaged them, changed their diapers, dressed them, changed their bedding, was with some of them when they died.. for $1.65 a hour. I watched the man land on the moon with them. My dad was the supervisor for the Apollo 11 night shift in Seal Beach, Ca. So he hired people and they built it. I had that to tell them. They were very excited they had been here since the first car! 1969

Massage Huntington beach Learned some technique there..till I created my own style of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, accupressure, french powder light touch etc. 70

Massage Irvine Fancy Place. 71

Babysitter high school A few kids and babies

Creator with my friend Lola Sole' of the Wheeler Dealer!  It was the original "Auto Trader" they stoled the concept from it and became sucessful.  This was in 78 and in Hollywood. We had put flyers all over town that it was coming and  some guy came to my place when I was doing the layout and I showed him.  We got out the one issue, but next thing  you know it was the Auto Trader with the very same format as ours. Buy Sell Trade.  We went all over town to the top car dealerships and  took pictures of the cars and I would model with some!  They all got a kick out of us women doing this. Lola took all the pictures and I did the layout. It was fun while it lasted. We would of been millionaires if we had the backing and they didn't rip us off.

Gramma Radio show for children. Have them taped.

Uppity Turtle cocktail waitress Disco Days..was told to dance with the customers but not the black guys and I did anyway..so there. 76

Disco Duck cocktail waitress Disco Days..party It was a classic Disco on Wilton and Hollywood Blvd. I lived right down the street. Was my little dance place and job. Had so much fun being a disco queen haha. 77

Dennys waitress and cocktails The Denny’s on Sunset in Hollywood first one with cocktails..I was hired over 300 people that applied. Was fired for saying shit under my breath when the stupid corporate manager got behind the bar and messed up all the drinks ..he heard me and fired me at Christmas time. Met Mickey Rooney! 77

Simeon’s weight clinic manager Was the manager of the La Crescenta one. Dr. Julian Whitaker owned it and one day he said get all the files.we are closing and lets get out of here..So that was over.

Gave shots to women to lose weight Human Chlorionic Ganadatopin from placenta see above..along with a 500 calorie diet what a scam that was. Learned how to give good injuections though.

Michealangelo’s waitress on Rodeo Drive was painted like the Sistine Chapel and owned by this handsome young Italian guy. Was the waitress. There was the Swiss chef, the Mexican busboy and the gay guy that was the singer and we would do music and dance around before it opened! it was so fun. The artist who painted it wanted to teack me but I got bipolar and it was a goner. In 1977.

Foxy Lady dancer and waitress One of those places where guys pay you to dance with them and you get tickets to turn in at the end of the night.. Ended up being the waitress..got tired of being grabbed.

Strawberry restaurant waitress Was all strawberries had strawberry pies and I wore a strawberry outfit. in LA on Vermont

Rest. across from McCarther park waitress This was a tiny restaurant where the homeless from the park would come to eat the specials mostly and leave me a little quarter for a tip.. that was a lot for them.

Herbalife multi level was one of the first in it but my truck was repoed and couldn’t go anywhere to do the pitches.

Phone Sales office supplies The guy would check my sales and say it didn’t go through then kept the money..another rip off joint. I feel for phone sales people..such a bummer hard job.

Jolly Rodger Restaurant Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood..got fired for not serving someone that came in when we were closed and the cook had closed the kitchen and had to catch the bus. Met Chuck Barry there!

Long Distance Sales multi level Turned out to be a rip off..left it.

Wrap people to lose inches and give shots place with bandages and salt/minerals. Had to measure them, wrap them then take the wraps off then measure again after they sat and cooked for a hour..another scam was only water weight. They fired me when I said something.

Steak Place on Western waitress Stockyard Steak House. Was both cocktail and food. It had sawdust on the floor. The steaks were served on a wood plank and a silver burning hot platter. Found a family of mice living under one of the booths seats in the sawdust. They had it made with the droppings and sawdust to live in. Didn’t tell.

Coffee shop on Vermont waitress Pie kinda place.

Coffee shop on Sunset and Vermont..All the gay guys would come after their club closed across the street. Made lots of friends. Got fired because the manager said he could see through my skirt, that I didn’t have a slip on. Didn’t know you could see me, oh well.

Red Onion cocktail waitress On Wilshire..did Happy Hour shift. Got fired because I got a free ticket to go to Mexico City and got someone to cover my shift and the manager didn’t like that so he let me go. Went to Mexico city and saw the Pyramids etc.

Face painting and Body painting..around the world Children, men and women of all ages Many stars parties that was cool! Jack Nicholson, Daryl Hannah, etc.

Artist..fine art Fantasy Mostly and Visionary in All mediums Oil, Acrylics, Water Color, Ink, Pencil, etc. From realism to abstracts Large to miniatures.

Massage at my place 7 years Healings happened many times, worked with the angels I swear. Allowed me to do enough to pay my bills and do all my large paintings in West LA

Hughes Hubbard and Reed..receptionist Twin Towers LA Arco Tower. Arco’s Attorneys, Continental Air, Ford etc. Lots of big corporate clients I knew them all back then 80 to 84 Did lots of small art while sitting there answering the phone with a view of LA on the 44th floor got to watch the sunsets. Got to talk to John Glenn and Gregory Peck. When they let me go it was at Christmas and they weren’t going to give me my Christmas bonus.Fired for being too nice by the NY partners that came in. TRUE! They didn’t know I was good friends with the big boss in New York. He couldn’t tell them not to fire me, but he made sure I got my bonus!

Nutter, Bird, Marela, Boxer, Wolpert and Matz ...receptionist Beverly Hills Entertainment Attorneys Left to do Herbalife They let me bring my little kitten I found under my desk.

Halperin and Halperin receptionist Century City Attorneys The one mean Halperin brother came in and I was on the phone taking a message and he yelled at me for being to slow to give him his messages so he fired me.

Copper Penny waitress Got fired because I saw the manager steal some money. He told the cops it was comped and they gave him the money anyway and he pocketed it.

Some orange and pink restaurant waitress HOT orange and pink.

Underground restaurant downtown. waitress Some place downtown LA..vague memory of it.

Restaurant on Vermont and Sunset..came to work and they had closed down..never got paid.

Teledyne..receptionist Where they made the Black Box for the Jets and I had to check everyone’s briefcases..for God knows what. Why would they ask me..what do I know? I would see a sandwich and say is that tuna or peanut butter? jeesh.

Temp jobs..many many week or month long jobs mostly in offices. Menial work.

Portrait artist Paint people with Auras, crystals, subtle fine glitter etc in paint or pastels.

She shells at the beach and body painting At Venice Beach California till the imdercover cops took all my she shells (cameos on shells) because they asked me for a price and I said what people had given me and I didn’t just say donation. Stoled all my She Shells from me. Also, created She Shell crystal boxes and jewelry.

Glass Drops Magnets; 1 inch glass drops with mini paintings of Goddesses, angels, fairies, mermaids, suns, moon, trees, etc. Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Carrie Fisher, Shirley Mac Claine, Tracy Ulman, Prince of Monaco, all have them! Raven de la Croix was the face painter and reader who was the connection to the stars at Elizabeth’s party. I also gave Elizabeth a Universe Wish box with a portrait of a woman with black hair and lavender eyes, A she shell went to her and Barbra Streisand “ohh, For Me!” When Raven took it out of her purse for her. Elizabeth had Raven paint one of the paintings on the glass drops on he writst after taking off her Egyption bracelet. I also gave her a egg with a Goddess and Liz on the back..Raven said she liked to be called Elizabeth, not Liz. Raven said that she carried the drops, the box and the She Shell on her lap and she got her a little bag for everything! Carrie Fisher was acting funny and going to run to the Circe de Soleil entertainers and on the way say the glass drops and skidded to a stop “Can I have One?” Then Shirley Mac Claine wanted two of them and Raven said that she can have one. Oh well! lol www.RavensCosmicPortal.com

Moonwalk..sales Baby Trampoline you jog on was a rectangle, the first one that came out in 74 that was with a medical program. I met Jim Irwin who drove the car on the Moon and asked him if he saw any UFO’s and he averted his eyes and said “ uhhh..no..haha..umm wish I did.” Yeah right. The Moonwalk puts more oxygen in your bodies cells than a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. They said it is the closest thing to the fountain of youth because it moves all the body with no trauma and forces the oxygen in and disease can’t live in a oxygenated cell. If you get one..don’t jump off of it..slide and be one with it. I was the only one who would go to Watts because everyone was scared of black people..sold them everywhere for $400.00 Left because of sexual harassment from the head of it. Wouldn’t leave it alone. So I left it.

Art parties Did many parties at people’s homes where they would host it and have the food and entertainment and I would sell my art and be the artist star!

Office worker Pendleton Computers My friend Mary owns it CEO. Still friends here.

Sign maker in Maui Made 5 x9 foot sign at Kihei Aloha Market Place of three four foot hibiscus’s and the Wording etc. Also, signs for the Love Shack etc. Had a outside store there doing my face and body painting and selling painted leaves and small paintings.

Murals 80 foot mural of a magical Jungle and ocean scene with all the animals,, lion, panda, chimpanzee, parrots, frogs, and dolphin, note in a bottle, sand castles, treasure chest, Galleon Ship with 3 sails,pelicans. parrots shells, crabs, Palm Trees going up the ceiling so much. Did a Fairy scene with big sunflowers on this green house and a angel pouring water life size.

Flyers for many different clients. One was small pencil portraits of the Coasters singing group. Yacketty Yack!

Logos designed about 15 of them?

Miniatures Minature paintings of goddesses, angels, mermaids, fairies on 1 inch glass drops, on paper and paint chips.

Hand painted. Eggs, Leaves and Leaf Fans, Rocks, Bark, Christmas Balls.

ACEO’s art cards editions and originals 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 Small! Made at least 50 so far. Video on my website.

Whimseys! Clay creations that I make using self drying clay painted with acrylic and water colors. They are one of a kind little hedge hogs, bunnies, bears and others in cute outfits doing cute things made with a toothpick.

Concept designer Wonderworld Transformational Theme Park Artist and Concept designer. Paintings and concept paintings on my website. John Rafanello Imagineer

Sculptures Wonderworld Did Dragon sculpture’s Tendor the Dragon, dragon cars, and other dragons for the Land of the Dragon’s Ride

Children's book author 15 Books..many for children and the young at heart. Many on here and on my website and are being illustrated.

Poet My poetry is on my website written in 1986

Musician..synthasisor and wrote about 10 songs Sang, wrote, and played on tape.

Singer. made 3 tapes at Venice Singing star.Sang at a studio. What A wonderful World, Hello, Unchained Melody, Beyond the Sea.

Body painter Painted people around the world from Germany to Hawaii, Italy, etc.

Make up artist I do makeovers.

T shirt paintings Painted many T Shirts Originals for people

Mom to Andria and Adam OH THAT..haha My angels and guardians! Both artists in their own right. www.artwithlove.com Andria’s site. www.widmeyerconstruction.com Adam’s.

Housewife to two husbands. Married at 16. Had two children by 19 and none by second husband.

Clown and facepainting Was a clown..Chrissiepoo The Clown

Typist, computer Took typing in 7th grade, thought ohh.. I will be a secretary some day! Haha..now I type about 85 a minute

Website maker Making mine contiually and about 5 others

Wedding planner and designer For two weddings so far..I love it.

Cook at home!

Driver since I was 16.

Animal activist continuing lifetime

Peace activist always in any way I can

Dream boxes designer I make Universe Wish Boxes with my Goddesses etc on the outside and the Universe on the inside.

Frames with Paintings and wrapped with material frames.

Clothes designer/headdresses All my art has a different head dress..my signature

Jewelry designer Make Jewelry with my original She Shells etc. Necklaces and Pins

Seed boxes, tables, mirror designer Make Wooden Boxes with various seeds in mandala patternes etc..magical !

Bookmarks One of a Kind ones of my Goddesses

Calling cards Created a whole series of one of a kind Calling Card or Business Card designs with pen and ink

Greeting cards MANY

Wands Wands with branches, crystals, feathers, stones, etc..also with a She shell on them.

Cat toy maker Lots of cute ones and Cat and Dog Jewelry

Mental patient feels like a job! Bipolar since 77...will be making life story videos to share my personal experiences so people will have more of a understanding of it when a artist has it. Been in over 20 hospitals. Will be reporting on what they do there to you and other experiences.

Poster designer Made posters for Art With Love

Tattoo designer Make designs that reflect a persons ideas and then they take it to go get it tattooed on.

Pottery maker Made many things in High School when there was a kiln and glazes I could use. From pottery to clay sculptures.

Art shows..around the world (shown art) Germany one time in a museum in Hamburg, Berlin, Maui, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Mexico, Canada, England, Belgium, Holland. The Goddesses of Atlantis Show one woman show that people paid $50.00 to come (A salon show) with dinner (candles/waiter) and done in the dark with a candle to view fine glitter on the art sparkled, with listening to poetry by Flower Penn and music on a head set (Vangelis..first synthasizor) as you looked at each goddess, also Atlantian child come to life was there too!/ Various shows at Whole life Expos, with the top visionary artists..went through a maze with crystals musicians etc., A one woman show there as well.. and with Atlantia that I was the artist for, 7 days of the Goddess show where I was the featured artist with the top visionary LA artists, Dolphin and Whale Show for Earth Island Institute..my dolphins come with mermaids..large pieces.. Painted with Wyland. famous sea life artist. Also did 2 covers for the Conscious Connecton magazine. Was published with 15 other top fantasy artists in a coffee table book The Fantasy Art Collecton..I have 16 pages. Can get it on Amazon.

Fairy party creator I do Fairy Parties for kids with the whole shebang. Wings, head dresses, wands..etc. Face painting!

Hair designer Did beautiful hair designs using switches..(pony tails you could attach and design with)

Car painter..art on cars and trailors Painted many. Love to do those.

Halloween costume designer.. Many different ones.

Float designer never paid just conceptual Have one of all black and white animals.

Mask designer.. Paint white masks with different designs like Mehndi

Illustrater Illustrated The Crytal Fairy and more of my own books. Still have many to do..on it!

Stationary designer Many Stationary designs in pen and ink..very detailed

Menu designer Same as above

Calligrapher I do my own style of calligraphy for poems, sayings etc with watercolor paintings around them.. etc etc.

Envelope calligrapher Did MANY envelopes for various stars and weddings, events..Sidney Portier~ as well as the place cards for different parties with people’s names and flowers.

Wedding invitation designer One of a Kind for each couple.

ELFUN’s Little elves made with Super Sculpy in clothes with beards made from sheep fur and clothes made from different materials. Hats, holding staffs etc. also make them with clay. Wrote a book about them called The Legend of the Elfun’s and also did a 4 x 4 foot painting of their world. Gave it to mom.

Creator of THE STATE OF GRACE MUSEUM FOR CHARITIES on my website. Donations for art prints and charities with Certificate of Authenticity. Got the name by closing my eyes and rubbing my finger along and 5 inch red dictionary and stopping and pointing.. Means: The Condition of Being in the Receipt of Divine Favor. Said Wow..Thank you God/Goddess! GOD US (link is on my website, still in creation stage)

Alien/UFO researcher..along with many of the original questers back in the 70’s Taped almost everything that came on TV about it and found a real ET who channels through Darryl Anka named Bashar in 1987. I was one of the first people to find him. Now thousands around the world know about him and there are tons of you tubes..also I was on the ABOVE SEDONA 2008 session and spoke of An amazing Angel Dream, Orbs and Cancer. There is a link to the explantions of how it came to be under the Wonderworld section on my website. They interjected my orb paintings on the video which was a first in over 30 years! www.bashar.org

Apprenticed and did much work for Master Artist Michael Whipple/Sky Jones for years www.bankersart.com

I know I am forgetting things..will come back. Here is my website if you want to see it..ongoing project.