John Rafanello CEO and Mastermind

Christine Von Lossberg  Artist and  Concept Designer


                                                                                                                                                    Impromptu Talk about the Wonderworld vision by John 



      THE WONDERFUL MEMORIAL FOR JOHN..never saw one like it..will give you just a little idea of the wonderfulness of this man of peace, wisdom and fun.


                                                                              3x4 Foot Acrylic Painting I did of Wonderworld. This is my vision of what I thought It would look like. Now, this painting is safely with John's brother Micheal.


                         Tendor the wise old dragon who is so big that the dragon cars go under his foot!  You come almost face to face with him as he says to you.. "You Come to hear wisdom..or so you say!"  The Land of the Dragons ride..where you ride with the dragons and get some very enlightening dragon wisdom!  You may experience a little fear at first..but then you soon realize he is a friend and guide and loves humans very much.


                                                                     To Buy the Book on the complete vision of Wonderworld    http://www.amazon.com/Invitation-WonderWorld-John-Rafanello/dp/0557020980                                                                                                                                              

                                                                     To connect with our favorite alien friend and teacher and become a part of the journey                    www.bashar.org            ANNOUNCEMENT!!!      First watch the interview   and then see the DOCUMENTARY..."FIRST CONTACT"  on Amazon or through the website.  See the website and  order if you like my  Appearance on  ABOVE SEDONA  2008 .  It is a big thing to me.


                                To PURCHASE THE BOOK WHICH COMPLETES THE VISION...An Invitation to Wonderworld the link is above.   Enjoy the future dream for the world!

 John is playing in the Heavens now with his beloved wife Carolyn..they came to bring peace and love to the world, to assist in a big way in our transformation into our higher beingness where we consciously interact with loving civilizations who are our friends and loved ones from the universe.

To hear our mentor and dear friend for over 30 years please check out Bashar a ET who channels through Darryl Anka. There are MANY you tubes of the interactions with people. On the site you may purchase full sessions..everything has been documented for over 30 years. John was one of his favorites and he  lovingly called him Strawberry!  

I painted and drew all the artwork. John asked me to do the Wonderworld. I said all I do is create beautiful women..I never did a building before..he said "Just have fun."  So this is what came. I visioned colored lights swirling in patterns on the tops of the buildings and on the pyramids throughout the park.  I did all the sculpture's for the one ride The Land of the Dragon's and Tendor the ancient wise dragon. Below you will see the model we did. As you can see.

John was a wonderful, visionary man. There are many you tubes of his seminars he did around the world, some which appear after the Wonderworld video, please watch, you will have fun. He was a true visionary and beloved by many, we, his friends are keeping the dream alive.  Beauty and Peace will never die. 

 Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones.            

Christine Von Lossberg  Fantasy Artist with love!

PLEASE ENJOY THIS INTRODUCTION TO BASHAR AND DARRYL ANKA WHO CHANNELS HIM.  You can find Bashar's site at  www.bashar.org   I am on the ABOVE SEDONA 2008 DVD where I spoke about angels, orbs and  cancer..They put some of my paintings in there, that was a first after over 30 years of videoing everything he has said.  Keep a open mind, listen with a open heart. Bashar speaks a little louder but  it's okay it is fust the way he is and you get use to it as well as how he talks..I always have to listen a couple times to really get it LOL but when you do..look out!  Realizations galore!  Enjoy is the thing. There are many yu tubes to listen to and you can go to the site to buy dvds of complete sessions.  Go to where you can buy them, they will have a little explanation of what is on each one. I am on ABOVE SEDONA 2008  www.bashar.org their ship is above Sedona now.  I love them so much and  Bashar has changed my life. I did many paintings listening to people ask questions and have asked many myself. Just have a open mind and heart and listen. He is so funny too!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!   THE DOCUMENTARY HAS BEEN MADE  "FIRST CONTACT"  it is on AMAZON and also on the website.  www.bashar.com  SEE THE PREVIEW  BELOW!!  



                                                                              https://youtu.be/X1kodA2GNSA  may have to copy and paste it.  Please leave a comment!  How Exciting!!